Tap into water saving around the home

According to the Plumbing Industry Commission, the average family flushes the water equivalent of 80 litres of milk or nine slabs of beer down the toilet every day? That is only 20 per cent of the water used by each household daily; and what's more, it's perfectly good drinking water.

The good news is that every Victorian household can be water savvy to save our precious water supply and save money through water rates. Installing a rainwater tank for toilet flushing is one way. Residents who install a rainwater tank use 25 per cent less drinking water than those without one. Always use a licensed plumber toinstall a rainwater tank and make sure you receive a compliance certificate, which is mandatory for plumbingwork worth $750 or more.

There are also simple changes that you can make to your home to save water:
- Have a plumber install water-saving fittings to all taps outdoors and indoors
- Mulch your garden to restrict water evaporation
- Get a plumber to install a dual-flush toilet, if you don't already have one
- Have a plumber fix dripping taps
- Only run your dishwasher and washing machine when full
- Install a shower timer - a four-minute shower is ample
- Ask your plumber for further advice on recycling water or using water more wisely.

Making your home more water-efficient doesn't have to be a huge financial commitment. Little changes, like turning off the tap while cleaning your teeth, can make a big difference and save our precious drinking water.


Talk to our plumber about how you can save water and reduce your water bill.