We recommend, supply and install the Gator Pro-Filtered Grey water system or the Greymate System.

Both units meet the full requirements of state and federal water authorities. In Victoria a rebate of $500 is available, provided the grey-water unit is installed by a licenced registered plumber who will provide a compliance certificate.

Both units are covered by a 12 month replacement warranty when installed by a licensed plumber. The casings are made of Ultra-Violet resistant high grade polyethylene which will not break down in the sun.

Just Water Gator Pro-Filtered
Grey Water System

The Gator Pro has a unique grey water filtration system and low power grey water pump with low power usage. IT can turn your waste water from your bathroom and laundry into a valuable usable resource for use with drip irrigation in your garden all year round.

The Gator Pro has the Australian Water Mark for a pumped system and a gravity system and is approved by the EPA. The unit has an inbuilt overflow so if the power is switched off to the unit it will drain waste water to the drain, a requirement of all water authorities.

The Gator Pro is registered as a gravity greywater device, a minimum of two metres in height is required to effectively operate the Gravity-Drip tube for the unit to work without a pump.

- Size of unit, Length 590mm, Width 370mm, Height 500mm
- The unit can be partially buried to a maximum depth of 400mm